Bachelor Party Rules

-The NOT so serious stuff-


For true great weekend away there is nothing better than a well-planned bachelor party!! 


The host/best man should be someone the groom can trust and count on to manage the crew.  If the group is large get another trusted guest to work alongside you.  Sorry, but it's the host(s) job to make sure everyone is having a good time, not the grooms job!!


Get a list from the groom of who he would like to have invited.  Mixing groups can be distasterous and the groom will know who can all get along together.


At a minimum have some planned activities and a schedule of times the activities are taking place.  Get this information to all the invitees at least 2 weeks prior to the weekend.  


Compete over something, golf, paintball or gambling is usually best.


Try and have the Bachelor Party at least 3 weeks before the wedding, not the weekend before!!


Try to coordinate and plan the Bachelor and Bachelorette party the same weekend.  This will avoid the bride-to-be sitting at home with the “what are they up to” worries.  


Have a few cans of Mercy, a bottle of vitamin B12, Starbucks VIA packs, water and asperin ready at all times. 


Though you will all promise one another not to share the “secrets” of the BP, someone will, so know that what happens at the BP won’t stay at the BP.  That said, you should avoid doing anything that will cause trouble once back home.


Send the bride-to-be a bouquet of flowers the day you are departing for your weekend away.  Enclose a card promising her you will take care of the groom.  Seriously, I am dead serious, laugh all you want but take this advise and you will have earned points with her for years to come and it will help curtail all the calls and texts the groom will be getting from her all weekend!! 


-The VERY serious stuff-


The bachelor should be looked after at all times!!


If you are having your weekend at one of the rental homes on this site it does not mean it's open season and no rules need to be followed...the rental homes listed have hosted 100's of Bachelor Party weekends over the years however; we expect all guests to respect the homes, neighbors and community!!  If you cannot follow the rules we suggest you do not participate and end up ruining a great time for everyone!!  

  • Maximum Occupancy - All rental homes have maximum occupancy levels which includes not only guests staying the night but guests just stopping over for a visit, they count!!  All guests are registered to be at the property prior to arrival. Late night parties/after bar time parties bringing unregistered guests to the home(s) is not permitted.  No tents or campers are allowed on the property grounds.  Exceeding the maximum occupancy is grounds for immediate eviction and forfiture of any monies paid by all the guests in the group!!
  • Parking - All rental homes have a limited number of off-street parking spaces.  Guests will need to coordinate and carpool together.  Parking on the street overnight around any of the rental homes is not permitted.  Inquire if you need additional parking spaces and we will direct you to a few free and pay by the day options.
  • Noise Ordinances - Lake Geneva has a very strict noise ordinance night or day.  No loud music playing, swearing, yelling or screaming is allowed anytime outdoors.  The quiet time rule outdoors is from 10:00PM to 7:00AM.  This means no group gathering outdoors past 10:00PM and especially not after returing to the home(s) after bar time.  It's not allowed!!  Should we receive a call about continued excessive noise it will result in immediate eviction and forfiture of any monies paid by all the guests in the group!!
  • Outside Activities -  The City of Lake Geneva restricts the use of open fires/pits within the city limits.  The rental homes are located within the city limits so this rule strictly applies with the exception of the BBQ Grills supplied.  The State of Wisconsin probits the use of fireworks, the use of fireworks on the property grounds will result in immediate eviction and forfiture of any monies paid by all the guests in the group!!
  • Outside Grounds - The outside grounds shall remain cleaned up at "all" times, there are plenty of garbage cans at the homes!!  Clean up while enjoying your time outdoors and especially before heading out for the day or night, do not leave the property with debris everywhere and the intent of cleaning up later!! 
  • Departure - The rental homes will be clean and ready for you upon arrival.  You will receive a departure check-out list which requires the interior of the home(s) and exterior of the property to be left in the condition it was found on arrival. RE: All garbage to be taken out to the garbage cans, all contents of the refridgerater(s) emptied, furniture replaced to it's original places. The cleaning staff is not hired to clean up after your get-together!!