How Everyone Pays Their Own Way FAQS

Have you been given huge responsibility to plan a memorable send-off for the groom-to-be?


Will all your time be spent rounding up his closest friends, some of which you don’t know, researching on-line for something to do and trying to book with multiple vendors to make the party successful and then being responsible for putting the all the money down?


Most vendors require payment in full so you have to collect
everyone’s money, some drop out, you are never quite sure how many to reserve for, people will tell you they will pay you when they see you and stress builds as you realize you could be left holding the bill, a pricey bachelor party!


Lake Geneva Area Party Planners helps take the stress out of
the equation!! It’s a simple process-

  1. Decide what you would like to do – Lodging, Dining, Boating, Golf, etc…just browse thru our site and see all the fun things to do!!
  2. Tell us how many guests and we will price out the party/event for you the  "Team Party Host Leader", based on a per person rate. 


What happens next?


We will create a customized Bachelor Party Weekend Registration page
specific to your group detailing who the party is for, what the dates are,
where the party will be taking place, what’s included and the cost for each guest based on the number of guests we quoted for the party/event.


The registration page allows each guest to register for the party/event and pay their own share. 


After you have approved the registration page our vendors are contacted and will "hold" your dates for 5 days.  Lake Geneva Area Party Planners will send out an invite/registration page via email to all your guests. Lake Geneva Area Party Planners will give all your guests a 5 day window to register and pay their share.


All our parties/events are required to be paid-in-full so you know everything will be paid-in-full before your party/event.  After all your guests have registered and paid, the “Party Team Host Leader” will be required to sign a contract for the party/event.


What are my options if I tell you 12 guests and only 10
register and pay?


All party/events are priced out per person based on the number of guests you have asked us to quote the party/event on.  If after 5 days you do not have enough guests registered and paid for the party/event, you have three options:


  1. Find a replacement guest to make up the difference,
  2. Pay for the portion necessary for the required amount needed for the party/event out of pocket or,
  3. Cancel the party/event. 


It is not possible for Lake Geneva Area Party Planners to go back to the guests that did register/pay and tell them additional amounts/fees
are due.  The registration page created will state that a minimum amount of
registrants/guests will be required to register and pay for the party/event to take place or the party/event will be canceled, they will be informed and refunded.        


What happens if a guest attempts to cancel after they
registered and paid?


Guests registering are informed on the registration page that they are registering for a non-refundable party/event and that their payment is due in full when registering for the party/event. 


Lake Geneva Area Party Planners will not refund any payments to any of the registered guests in your party without the "Team Party Host Leader's" permission.  However, should the "Team Party Host Leader" request us to refund a paid guest the "Team Party Host Leader" would be responsible for replacing the guest to cover the necessary funds required for the party/event or paying the portion necessary to cover the party/event out of pocket.  


Lake Geneva Area Party Planners will be in constant contact with the "Host" reminding you of deadlines, payments received, updates, etc.


What if I want to add more guests to a party/event?


You can add additional guests up to 48 hours prior to the
party/event assuming the vendor can accept the request. It is important that you call in “all” additional participants, as vendors must be paid in advance.  You do not want to have any guest turned away for non-payment.


What does it cost to set up a party/event?


Lake Geneva Area Party Planners will quote rates for a party/event based on a per person rate for free at any time. 


Lake Geneva Area Party Planners will provide all of the


  1. Quote you a rate per guest,
  2. Create a customized Bachelor Party registration page specific to your group for your party/event,
  3. Collect all the payments from each guest,
  4. Book and pay on your behalf for all the necessary lodging and activities for the event/party,
  5. Create a detailed Itinerary for your group outlining all the information and times booked for your party/event, which the "Team Party Host Leader" will receive 2 weeks prior to arrival. 


The initial cost due and payable from the "Team Party Host Leader" once we begin the process of setting up the registration page is $100.00, which is non-refundable. 


The cost per guest which will be "included" in the per person rate quoted and will be determined by how many guests and how many activities are planned and set-up by Lake Geneva Area Party Planners.